Who does not love traveling? Would you say most people? Humans have always dreamed about lands far away.  The lure of the unknown.   It does not really matter if you go to the beach or  the mountains just one hour away, or you explore foreign, exotic shores.  It is a different scenery you are after.  Releasing of the old, seeing life from a different perspective.  Reviewing yourself in a different environment.  Meeting new people.  To me it is always an exciting adventure and  I always learn so much about myself, because suddenly I am out of this daily routine.    Yes,  life appears slightly different.  you are still the same you, but  are you?  We become this new person using some of the old persona.   Every time when I come back from either an overseas trip or a few days on the coast,  I have to integrate what I have learned,    I feel refreshed, alive,  renewed,  revitalised and joyful.

Physical preparation

Now, one thing I always do especially for an overseas trip I prepare myself physically, and also emotionally.  Let’s talk about the physical aspect first.  If you feel unhealthy due to a cold or stomach bug you will not enjoy the trip, for which you have worked hard for. Who wants to spend time in a hotel room.  Nobody!!!! Travel can be exhausting, so much to see, so much to explore. Before my trip I make sure that  my immune system is up to scratch.  Since, let’s be honest we are not used to the bugs which are flying or crawling around in other countries.

The digestive system is number one to look after,  so I use Relief powder which is a blend of the ginger spices,  drink plenty of lemon juice, use magnesium oil.  All these natural food remedies keep the alimentary system balanced. Whilst I am in the different countries my first aid remedy is lemon essential oil, once every so often I put a drop in some water and drink it.  That will certainly kill quite a few parasites, fungi and bacteria.

I also make a hand cream out of aloe vera gel, add a few drops of lemon,  eucalyptus, lavender and maybe 1 drop of clove essential oil.   I am sure you can find this gel also in healthfoodstores.

Since the airplane cabins are oxygen poor and a breathing ground for all kinds of pathogens, Oxyrich, ‘it has bio-available oxygen’,  is a life saver.  Best to take a few days before  and after the flight.  There are perhaps other brands on the market which do the same thing.

Open mind set

Emotional preparation is important too.  Sometimes the expectation is that high, that unhappiness, dissatisfaction, frustration and disappointment  overwhelms you, when the trip is not what you expected.  That causes stress, which in turn causes the immune system to decline.  Your mindset needs to be open, like a little child see the wonders of the, strange and the unknown.  Travel with a passion that embraces the new,  knowing that you too can re-new yourself.

For info about what do take on your travels please do contact me, I can give you a personal protocol according to your needs