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We are forever searching for equilibrium on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Realise it and accept it... this is the first step on your journey towards peace.  

Gabriele Engstrom

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  • I had such a wonderful experience for my first visit and I want to thankyou for making me feel welcome. I really was impressed with the program (INDIGO) you used with your laptop as I found it quite accurate with details. I was also happy with your use of the cards and the bowls and how you clearly explained the steps and outcomes of my appointment. I cannot think of anything for you to improve on as I feel you were able to meet my needs and made the experience quite enjoyable. .. I'm looking forward to my next appointment!

    Brisbane, QLD
  • I had an interesting session with Gabriele earlier this year, the best thing to come out of it for me was my belief in what was possible, and of course with increased belief I've experienced more certainty and am experiencing the attraction of dreams and desires manifesting in my life that previously were idle wishes. Very Empowering! Thanks Gabriele, it's about inner certainty and really unless you 'get' it you don't know what you are missing. Actually the confidence to speak up about my deepest innermost desires and propose Multi-Millionaire Party 2020 came from our session. It was the catalyst to the knowing that Deep Wanting within is possible!!!

    Debra Jarvis
  • Feel much healthier since my move from the previous house. I'm now right by the ocean. Thank you SO much for that powerful session I had with you that showed up the radiation in my field. Since taking action to move, I'm in a very different space.

    Brisbane, QLD

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