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Personal Consultation

Enjoy your first initial consultation with Gabriele &
her SCIO Machine.

Intuitive Counselling

Anywhere in the World - Virtual with Skype. Wonderful way to have support and insight in the comfort of your own home. 

Holistic Counseling

A wonderful way to help you on your way, I use several techniques. Including sound and energy work.


Home and Office

Clear the energy in the spaces where you live and work and bring balance back to your environment.

Healthy Home

Healthy Home is ideal for people moving home or selling. It releases energy blocks, stagnate energy and other issues.

Business Boost

This Session is used to clear business premises, staff issues, stagnate energy, financial blocks or customer problems.

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6 Week
Feel Great, Personal Power Intensive

3 x Personal Sessions*
1st Session x 2 hours includes Life Plan Evaluation & SCIO.
2nd & 3rd Sessions x 1.5 hrs each

*All 3 sessions must be taken within a 6 week period. 

6 Week
Change My Whole Life

Personal Intensive + Home Clearing with SCIO Bio-Feedback

Many people who experience Gabriele's personal sessions and the Advanced Technology of the SCIO biofeedback system, decide to do an Intensive Clearing Session on their home as well. 

10 week
feel great 

*All Sessions must be taken within an 10 week period.


personal sessions


1st session


weeks of intensive sessions


subsequent sessions

Clients    Gabriele

  • I Love, Love, Love Gabriele. I've been to her on many occassions and had the group meditation sessions at my home. It's always like WHAMO when Gabriele and I meet ... stuff happens straight away. It's big, it's powerful and it's what I can handle. After many years of a self development journey, Gabriele really knows her craft and doesn't do the fluffy mumbo jumbo. She's real and her best friend the SCIO machine will become your new trusted advisor. It's NON-NEGOTIABLE, you must see Gabriele!

    Toula Noutsatos
  • "Working with Gabrielle has been a life saver for me! When things have gotten really stressful, I ask Gabrielle for a SCIO session, then by the next day I feel noticeably calmer, clearer and back on track. I don't have to do anything - Gabrielle just works her magic for me! I have referred many people to Gabrielle - all whom have reported experiencing amazing results too. It is the simplest, fastest, easiest way to clear energetic blocks that I have ever come across.

    Natasha Howie
    Brisbane, QLD
  • My friend took me along to what I thought was a meditation group, you know, sitting quietly, emptying your mind, listening to soothing music and saying a few ‘Oms’. Nothing like it. To begin with I was greeted by Gabriele who radiates warmth and friendliness and I immediately felt comfortable and safe. She began by telling us about herself and her ‘device’. I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about but it sounded good to me and I let myself go into the peaceful space that had been so quickly created. After about half an hour of relaxation, beautiful music and the feeling of the Tibetan healing bowls resonating through my soul, I left feeling very whole and ready to accomplish whatever I chose to do the next day, and the next and the next. Am I going again? Try stopping me.


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