visu gab v2 workshop 2

Gentle Workshop 2 – 10/06/2017

There is so much information about detoxing that many people get quite confused. A few of my clients have tried detoxing without the result they hoped for. Some Detox protocols are too much. Each person is different and some people have to start in a gentle way and then upgrade.


Before starting a detox you also have to ask yourself what do you really want to detox?


  • Is it your mind?
  • Is it your emotions?
  • Is it your body?
  • Is it your house?
  • Is it your relationships?
  • Is it your work?

Everything is interrelated!


This workshop will teach you how to gently detox body, emotions, mind and spirit.


During this 3 hours workshop, you will:

– Learn wich minerals and supplements are important in a detox process.

– Practice emotional release with breathing exercises.

– Discover Qi gong exercises and mudras which will help your everyday life.

– Learn how to make coconut kefir.


A snack will be offered to all participants during the workshop.

The workshop will take place at Samford (QLD), the address of the workshop will be sent to you after booking.

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