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Detox is a big word

There is so much information about detoxing that many people get quite confused.  A few of my clients have tried detoxing without the result they hoped for. Don’t get me wrong I am all for juice fasting, but it has to suit the person.   As we know everyone is different, that means juice fasting is very individual.

Not all vegetables and fruits are great for everybody. It depends if your digestion works well, how stressed you are,  how your immune system is working,  if your adrenals are healthy etc…..

For example if you have problems with your thyroid (Hypothyroid) kale is definitely not the ideal vegetable. You also have to ask yourself what do you really want to detox?

  • Is it your mind?
  • Is it your emotions?
  • Is it your body?
  • Is it your house?
  • Is it your relationships?
  • Is it your work?
  • Everything is interrelated.

If your house is full of mold, and your flatmates are stressing you out,  a juice fast is not going to help you that much.  My advice is always ‘know where you want to start’.

But let’s look at a body detox…

Sometimes starting of with simply cutting out junk foods, like sugar, fast foods, coffea or tea is already a fantastic way to cleanse the body.

You can support that detox by using epsom salt scrubs every morning and every night.   Get yourself a little gauze bag (jewelry bag)  add 2 teaspoons of epsom salt (from the healthfood store) add 2 drops of lavender or sandalwood oil.  Wet yourself under the shower and then scrub your body.

This simple method will help with :

  1.                         Detoxing
  2.                         Increasing magnesium in your body so it helps with the digestive system.
  3.                         Improving your sleep patterns
  4.                         Relaxation.


Another wonderful detox for body, mind and emotion is a glass of lemon juice with a pinch of himalayan salt first thing in the morning then stand barefeet in the grass and let the sun fall on as much skin as you can.  A wonderful detox and healing therapy, which does not cost anything but it rebalances you and reconnects you to the earth.  If you live in a unit then stand in the sun on your balcony.  The sun is an important part of our life and a 5 minute morning sunbath is not going to hurt you.  The body is an amazing machine and the more you ground yourself the more you will detox and re-energise.

People have seen an improvement in their health after a few weeks,  it is gentle but effective.  This could be your first step, ready for the next detox adventure.

So please next time when you think detox, ask yourself which one? Mind, Body, Environment, Emotion or Body ?

I have conducted several detox retreats, where I talked about the above.  My plan is to hold several  workshops in June….  I explain how sound, colour, nutrition, meditation, exercise and laughter can help you to create a new you.  The workshops are interactive and informative.